Apr 15, 2014

A Rooten' Tooten' good Trailer time!

Well howdy kittens! A super quick post! I'm back from my high Falooten' good time with my gal camping group! Boy oh boy was it a rooten' tooten' good time! And I am so proud of how adorable my trailer turned out!!!!!! 
I have amazing pictures of trailers & before and afters of the work on my trailer...so gals it's gonna be one holler of a show! Yehawwwww!
Now first a adorable picture of my trailer next to the beach in Santa Barbara oh it was wonderful to stop and stretch my legs...I drove this gal 6 hours one way!!! Yahoo my largest and longest trip yet to date! To parkfield California to an ol cattle ranch! It took my breath away and was so so in-powerin'!!! 
A lil blurry but the beauty is there...this is half of my caravan... Other gals just like me! Ready for a good ol time! In their stinking adorable trailers! Aren't they cute!
This is the other side of the street see my trailer...about 30 caravan'in to the cattle ranch where we met up with 140 more cutesy trailers! Amazing
Yup amazing! This is my set up! I can't believe how well it all went, how much fun it was to be with my sisters, and how darn tooten proud I am to live this Vintage Gypsy life!

All for now kittens please check back soon for cute trailers & my before and afters! Thanks for swingin by

Apr 1, 2014

Hitch in' it up!

Heya' kittens! Just a super quick post!! I'm hitchin' up my Vintage trailer for one Rooten' Tooten' good time! Out glamping with 180 other sassy vintage trailer lovin' gals! Yeeehawww ! 
I'm heading to a 200 year old cattle working ranch! Full of beauty & gobs of vintage shopping! What's better than that I ask ya?! Glamping, fishing, & junkin'....oh honey!!!!!!
Can you tell I'm so excited to be back on the road with my gal pals & sassy sista's...ok so got my trailer two months ago...check .... Worked my daddy-o to almost death to get my Vintage Trailer road ready...check...packed up my margaritas & girly punch...check...what's left?! HITTIN' that open road & having a high FALOOTEN' good time!!!!! With my amazingly cute Vagabond Gypsy Trailer! Yahoo!
So check back next week for a before & after on my Gypsy trailer! Plus oodles of adorable trailers! It's gonna be a trailer show for sure gals! Grab your pearls & a girly drink cuz kittens we are gonna have a blast! Let's hit the open road! 
Thanks for swing in' by!

Mar 19, 2014

The Vintage Marketplace

Hello Kittens! I thought to post a few Vintage Marketplace photos. Sorry they aren't the greatest...but I still wanted to share!  It truly was lovely full of vintage goods and lots of spring flowers! The color pink was everywhere!
Super sweet use of flowers! Inspiration!
This was above you as you walked in!!!
Who doesn't want a vintage bike in their garden!
Ummmm...yes vintage bed headboard for a sighn...to die for
A place to take a sweet nap...
Adorable vintage doilie banner! Gonna totally do this! Plus it seemed to be lace everywhere! So I got lots of inspiration for my gypsy trailer! Hope you enjoyed a lil fuzzy picture post! I'll try harder next time;) Have a great day! 

Mar 8, 2014

Whistle while you work! Trailer update

Oh YES please! Whistle while you work!!!! Howdy gals! I have been working away in my vagabond gypsy trailer! I am so excited to share the before photos and thank all you gals for the emails say in' Cat ... We wanna see!

Well come on in! Take a peek at something so darn sweet!
The wonderful streamline emblem !
The amazing molding!!!! Why I feel in love with this trailer!
Super pink bathroom!!!!!!!
Pink fridge!!!!!!!!!!
Pink sink!!!!!!!!!
Now gals I have been hard at work...up to my Betty do' in paint...

And oh kittens junkin' at every large market I know of! 3 large flea markets in 2 weeks

Here is some of my loot! Totally see where I'm heading in this trailer ! Collecting lots of 50's & older metals & chunky glass goods! The kind of hard Chrystal my grandma put on shelves never to be used!! Ha now I'm Puttin it in my trailer what a hoot!
adore my 50's metal trash can 10$ & lipstick holder 5$ ! Not to mention this amazing punch bowl 20$!!! Which I am know for my girly punches at all my girl glampin' trips! Yummm!!!! This will be purrrrrrfect!

So, Now gals I'm off & runnin'  heading today to the vintage market place in Rainbow to see my gal pals Joy from the Vintage Rabbit & miss Trish from Vintage bliss! I can't wait!

Now tomorrow I'm heading to the Rose Bowl so if you see me junkin'... Don't grab my goodies I saw it first!!!  & stop and say Hey! 
Thanks for swing'n by for a before the trailers cute time! 
By the way follow me on twitter or Instagram for lots of trailer & what I'm doing today photos! Have a great weekend kittens!

Feb 21, 2014

My New Treasure Sparkles like Diamonds!

Oh good golly I'm so stink in' happy! 
Dear ol' Daddy'O knocked my socks off! Gals!!!! I got a purrrfect gift for this kitten! Better than diamonds...for Valentines!
A couple of Fridays ago Daddy O came home & said GO TO BED! Whaaaaaaaaat?! Um sir I know you know I don't do what I'm told! Hmmmmm dear I need you to go right to bed...ummmm it's 5:30...dear! Yes I know but we are leaving at midnight for an adventure...so go to bed! 

Of coarse I asked a million questions...but no one would tell me a thing...my bags were packed unknown to me by my baby chicks earlier....awwwwww!
Daddyo well he was working loading my dad's truck ...ummmm..I layed down crazy with questions! Ekkkkk....excited! But nervousness too!!!!!

Daddyo came up an hour later...hunny what's going on, I asked?  His soft words simple...enjoy this moment...let's go for an adventure! See you at midnight!
Yup! Yahoo! Good golly an adventure! Is it ok? Is it ok to go on...Cat's hittin' the Road! To get this...Diamond... Treasure...my dream ...
Trailer! Omg...he found everything I wanted down to pink appliances! I got to choose from 30 trailers! But he had mine picked out and pulled out in the front of the trailer shop!!!! Exactly what I dreamed about! Every trailer had one or two things I've wanted but not everything I've ever wanted!!!!!! 
...Until this gal

So yup We hit the road to bring home my new sparkly trailer! 1959 Streamline! All the way in Utah! In the snow!
Oh my I can't hardly stand it! She's puuuurfect! This kitten is one rooten tooten happy Gal! The trip was a blast just Daddyo & I ...for one very rare streamline! A 50's  gem...pink appliances...two beds like Lucy & Ricky's in the long long trailer! And very very rare wrap around windows! Now don't get me started on the molding & junkin styled fixtures is found inside! Yes it needs a lot of work...but doesn't every treasured gal like her! Yahoo I'm ready for all our junkin adventures!

Glad to share! The Vagabond Gypsy! My junkin' trailer! Thanks for swing'n by for sparklin' like a diamond & this Gypsy gal! :)

Feb 1, 2014

Back in the Saddle AGAIN!

 Howdy Gals! Hello out there! I'm getting back in the saddle again and I am so darn tooten excited! I've missed this darn blog and all the wonderful creativity from all you sassy kittens!
 Thank you for your amazing emails &and  I miss you Cat comments! Just made my heart fill will joy I tell ya! Even seeing that after 1 year away I still had close to 300 kittens taking a peek and stopping by my place! A day! What!?!?!? That's darn tooten girl encouragement and love!

 With a great many long chats with my dear ol' friend & others.& all their sassy encouragement...I did it ...I dusted off my cowgirl boots & apron and got back out there! I know prayers Gods grace and a whole lotta love sparked a spark again! Now I know I'll be wabbley...I know I'll have to learn but darn tooten I KNOW IT WILL BE FUN!

 My life was devastated at the unexpected loss of my dad...yes I know everyone looses someone...I know it...but mine was devastating I couldn't breath , function, or live ; the new life of being my mothers every moment companion shook me so hard. I couldn't write blog or think of these words... My dad died!

Strong, young(58) , and healthy!!!!! How could it be? No warning, no plan just sadness! I can't even remember a thing about the last 8 months! I didn't grieve until 3 months ago I didn't have the time. But I do know this...God held me! Moved me! Loved me!

Now that it's said...it's lived...it's in its place! Can I say how happy I am? Weird statement right. Happy ? Yes I saw God move my feet...start finding myself again...my joy...me! He loved on me through amazing friends...super kiddos...and my daddy-o who I knew was wonderful before putting up with all my antics and crazy adventures...but this...oh my word...he blew my socks off!!!!!!

He smiled he loved and cared! Even kept my antics up and created adventures!!!!!!!!!!!!! He created
adventures for me because he said that was inside of me! Skip a beet in my heart! I went with the flow but began to fill more like me every flea market & every adventure! From trailer lookin' to darn right high faloot-tin'! I was finding Cat... Now I'm feelin like the ol me...& can't wait to share! Thank you all for still swingin' by!!! Just blessed my heart... Now on with the show! Cat~

Jan 2, 2013


HAPPY NEW YEAR KITTENS! Wishing you all a very successful Year full of prosperity, adventure, & oh so Rocken' of a good time! Gals just think... the possibilities!!!! Thank you for swining' by my place year after year! Cheers to the New Year! hugs Cat~

Dec 26, 2012

Merry Christmas baby!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas kittens...oh santa baby hope you got lots of rocken' gifts...had a twirl around the floor with your sweets & maybe snuggled up by the fire! I know thats how mine went! tee hee...keep it rocken kittens Cat~

Nov 21, 2012

May your day look like this kittens!!!

Oh by golly Howdy gals! I wanted to check in...with my lil' ol wish just for all the  Kittens! Its for your day to  look like this!!! One sweet darlin' family waitin' for your wonderful tasty dinner!

 Now if your going out to grandmas house or a friends...I hope they look just like this when you walk into the room!!!! Keep it Rocken' Kittens! Happy Thanksgiving gals...huggs Cat~

Oct 30, 2012

Yoodle-A-He-Hoo! Read all about it!!!!!!

Yoodle-A-He-Hoo!!!!! Do Ya hear me a hollarin' Kittens? I am just so darn tooten' excited to share the news!
               My sweet friend Aunt Ruthie has the most wonderful treat in store for you all!
Yahoo!!!! Here New E-Book is out can you hardly stand the goodness...I am so excited to share with the gals...Yehaw plum full of Fall goodness and good ol' momma eye candy!
Look at this sweetness...her grand babies...in a wagon...oh my oh my Darling!
Just in time for our family get togethers this book is full of inspiration, recipes, and good ol' heart warmin' stories !
I couldn't believe all the goodies & inspiration...i honestly could hear the ol' 'country twang a playin' and smell the pumpkin pie! tee-hee
So head on over to Aunt Ruthie's Sugar Pie Farm House and snatch up this to die for E-book...Tell the lil' lady The Vintage House Wife sent'cha...Ya' hear! ;0)

                            Isn't she the cutest stinkin' thing evah!!!!! Huggs Darlin'

Thank you and gal you did it again...Super momma inspiration! Love Cat~

Now go get yourself some fall goodness! www.sugarpiefarmhouse.com
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